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 The Art of Résumé Writing: Entry-level and College to Executive


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This site is dedicated to two job-search areas: 


  •  Custom-written résumés that are based on in-depth, one-on-one interviews by one of the DFW area's, and nation's, leading individual résumé writers:  Bill Murdock. I do NOT use questionnaires or templates.  Every document is developed with you in mind.


  • Interview training for the job seeker that stresses not only the best way to answer the mundane and tricky questions ("What are your weaknesses?"), but also acknowledges that the interview is a "Sales Environment" and teaches techniques to force the company to review their true hiring needs.


Products Available


  •  From Entry-level candidates through senior executives, my 18 years of résumé writing experience can walk you through the minefields of 21st Century résumés.


  • I understand Key Words and Applicant Tracking Systems.


  • I fix problems:  Mother's return to work with long absences;  students with limited work histories;  career changers from one industry to another.


Federal Résumés

  • Federal Résumés are in a league by themselves, and I will handle all GS levels until I get to the Senior Executive Service (SES).  If you need SES support, I will gladly refer to competent services.


Interviews for Introverts - Interview training for those who hate the Interview


  • Interviewing is Sales, and I'll teach you how to interview like a pro.  I offer packages of four sessions that dwell on the common questions to all interviews including "What are your weaknesses?"


  • I also teach you how to "counter attack" in the interview to determine if this job is really a fit for you.


 LinkedIn Profiles


  • With 95% of all HR Professionals and Recruiters saying they check you out on LinkedIn, this site is now all but mandatory.  Rather than repeat your résumé information, which is what the "Experience" section is about, we emphasize the "soft skills" that round you out.  The challenge?  A 2,000 character limit, and that includes spaces between words.