Biographical Sketch

Bill Murdock is a nationally recognized résumé writer, contributing author, seminar presenter and mentor and trainer to many of the professional résumé writers in the nation.   Lauded by author and founding member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers, Jay Block, as the "Dean of the List," Bill's contributions to the emergence of the professional writing community over the past twenty years are significant.

In 1996, Bill started writing professional level résumé with the Dallas-based firm Résumés Plus, and, by 1998, having been transitioned to job fair sales, was privately writing out of his home.  In 2001, Bill gained certification from the Professional Association of Résumé Writers (PARW) and the designation Certified Professional Résumé Writer (CPRW), a designation he would keep until his retirement from PARW in 2012.

The intervening decade saw Bill rise from a journeyman writer status to acknowledged "maven" in the writing industry.  Over 15 pieces of Bill's writing -- from entry-level college students to executive-level Baby Boomers -- were published in national résumé publications between 2002 and 2008 (see publications), and in 2006 Bill was appointed to PARW's prestigious Certification Committee as a Grader of certification exams. 

In 2010, Bill received one of the highest accolades in his career.  Jay Block, one of the founding members of PARW, and author of over 15 books on employment and careers, cited Bill as one of the 20 people still in business, and still a member of PARW, that new writers should "thank" for their contributions to the emergence of the association.  He noted that in 2010, 52% of all employment books published that year had authors with ties to PARW, a heady fact in itself.

Today Bill is noted for his in-depth personal intake interviews, well thought out résumés, adroit interview coaching...and a great cup of coffee!  His business is home-based in Dallas.