Resume Samples: Financial Executive Resume

Richard Murdock

790 Zorado Drive

Grandview, Washington

Cell: 504-882-6611


Financial and Operations Executive

 “Do real and permanent good in this world.” Andrew Carnegie

 A dedicated and performance-centered financial leader accustomed to leading high performance teams implementing and executing the public's vision for higher education.  An admirable record of restoring financial integrity, providing executive oversight for multi-departmental operations and establishing stable platforms for future growth and development.   Dedicated.  Disciplined.  Determined.

 Major Areas of Skill

     Financial Modeling                   Operations Analysis                  Records Management

     Debt Issuance                           Staff Development                    Contractor Oversight

     Variable Rate Bonds                 Facilities Development              Customer Service

     Property Tax Analysis              JIT Cash Management               Restructuring       



  Master of Business Administration  -  Educational Administration

 Bachelor of Business Administration - Management/Finance

Whitman College - Walla Walla, Washington


Washington State Certified Public Accountant (Temporary Retired Status)    Washington State Real Estate License (Escrow)


Professional Highlights


 Evergreen Community College District - Seattle, Washington

June, 2001 through retirement in 2011

Director of Finance & Treasury

Accountable for creating executive-level tactical strategies to support the Board and Leadership team with pinpoint accuracy in long- and medium-term financial modeling and revenue forecasting (three and five years) that were, in turn, based on unstable performance variables such as tax appraisal adjustments, real estate valuations and fluctuating interest rates. 

Companion responsibility for daily executive oversight of the Auxiliary Services (Bookstore, Food Services, Copiers, Vendor Management and Travel) providing financial oversight for cost containments, purchasing efficiencies, improvements to the asset base and enhanced vendor services.


Contributions as Director of Finance...

  • Spearheaded the two-and-a-half year $33-million acquisition of five pieces of property, each between one and eight parcels apiece, to allow construction of five new satellite campuses to support a total district student population that exceeded 80,000 students -- the largest undergraduate student population in the Southwest.  Declined the use of Eminent Domain.
  • Lead a team of internal and external professionals to issue $450 million in authorized debt to build substantial expansion of existing main-campus buildings and addition of five new satellite campuses.
  • Provided leadership to ensure compliance through annual financial and bond industry reporting requirements with all new and existing bond covenants. Subsequently oversaw the bid generation and acceptance on bond fund investments, approving financing and cash flow strategies to optimize investment earnings on bond revenues while ensuring timely Subcontractor performance draws.
  • Pioneered the use of Variable Rate Bonds that allowed both quick liquidity and below long-term bond interest rates.
  • Honored with District’s Innovator of the Year for utilizing emerging digital technologies to improve historical records access and remain in regulatory compliance. 
  • Improved the District's reputation for accuracy in reporting enrollments to the State, moving from "Adequate" to "Well Respected" in two years.  Maintained software continuity through multiple changes.
  • Produced over $1-million in new interest revenues by introducing “Just-in-Time” cash management tools that resulted in a "net zero cash balance" in non-income producing accounts at days end.  Added institutional use of commercial paper to provide for early access to bond funds prior to permanent funding.  Managed credit card acceptance contracts for improved reporting and minimizing required fees.
  • Developed and implemented a flexible repo program for maximum interest earnings when construction draws were unpredictable. 
  • Ensured through presentations and update communication that Moody's, Fitch Ratings and Standard & Poor's credit ratings remained at AAA levels.


Contributions as head of Auxiliary Services...

  • Addressed significant quality control and performance inconsistencies throughout the food service functions by replacing 14 serial boutique independent food vendors with Subway, in turn, improving menu variety, food quality, and pricing.
  • Replaced the bookstore vendor team with Follett Bookstores, recognizing immediate product availability improvements and increasing customer satisfaction by over 25-points -- to 98%.
  • Conducted an enterprise feasibility evaluation of Copier and Desk Printing Services, ultimately renegotiating per-click, toner, paper pricing and support staff levels for over 300 copiers.  Produced over $160,000 a year in savings.
  • Transferred all travel to a consolidated agent within the State of Washington that reduced costs by approximately 15% and produced significant reductions in travel response time and booking errors.

 Since early retirement, Mr. Dean has contracted for education-based non-profit work. Addendum of activities available.


Inland EmpireCommunity College System - Spokane, Washington

March, 1996 – May, 2001

Executive Director of Finance & Treasury

Recruited to guide the daily financial operations of the community college system, overseeing five distinct colleges on nine campuses, a student enrollment of more than 60,000 and a $220-million budget.  Dual responsibility for both daily financial stewardship and ongoing Treasury obligations.

  •  Honored with recognition as the Outstanding National and Regional Business Officer of the Year in 2000.


Treasury Responsibilities...

  • Ensured that the system’s Moody's and Standard & Poor's credit ratings remained at AAA status.
  • Completed the first Variable Rate Tax Bond in Washington state history, a $140-million issue that supported new construction on existing college campuses.
  • Presented financial strategies to the Board, outlined investment product valuations and options and ensure compliance with regulatory constraints and compliance.
  • Created financial models to communicate complex financial strategies, identify optimum investment, predicted revenue streams and available cash.  Generated Budget, bond and statistical presentations including enrollments.


Financial Responsibilities...

  • Oversee daily cash management including cash-on-hand, short- and medium-term investments to maintain safety of principal and maximum safe return.   
  • Provide ongoing tracking of property evaluations for the District, monitoring the values of raw land, commercial and residential real estate to modify income projections based on fluctuating taxable values.
  • Built financial models, based on building and grounds square footage, student enrollment levels by discipline and auxiliary revenues, to correctly and effectively apportion income among the various colleges and campuses.
  • Generated economic and usage analysis for six Washington-based universities sharing classroom space at the UniversityCenter.  Determined actual enrollment levels for each university to generate proportional billing for usage.
  • Liaison with Compaq computer training center to provide underlying cost analysis and subsequent pricing agreement for use by FranklinCollege for computer training courses to aid business and industry.
  • Oversaw the enterprise technology upgrade to Colleague software within the accounting and finance group to version 11.0.

Phoenix University – Yakima, Washington

March, 1991 – March 1996

Vice President for Business & Finance (CFO)

Recruited to one of the state's leading private Universities and charged with leading dramatic enterprise facilities upgrades and additions, implementing state-of-the-art emerging technologies including high-speed digital and inter/intranet capabilities that would result in national recognition as one of "...the Best Universities in America and Best Value Universities in America..." by U.S. News & World Report.


Accountable for providing the executive vision and professional understanding necessary to guide the institution through periods of dramatic regulatory change and new pronouncements by the Financial Accounting Standards Board, and also leading the university into a new age of Window's-based enterprise accounting and administrative applications.


Contributions in financial management...

  • Re-structured financial operations to capitalize on technology capabilities and allow integration with human resources, student accounting  and audits. Enhanced the annual audit process to accommodate new FASB standards.
  • Optimized financial management strategies to maximize university net income while providing the liquidity necessary to facilitate ongoing infrastructure repairs and new capital additions. 
  • Collaborated with departmental heads for both academia and operations to generate annual budgets and medium-to-long-term financial forecasts for revenues, expenses and capital needs.


University management strengthening projects...

  • Conducted a thorough review of student support services, improving service offerings in food (new vendor, new menu, new fixtures), bookstore operations (new management, better customer service, enhanced inventory ordering) including copier services.  Produced over $200,000 in profit.
  • Oversaw five major construction projects on the main campus as well as four build-out or expansions statewide; produced over $1-million in energy savings upgrades whose costs were recaptured in four years, and disposed over a vacant building at no cost to a local city park.
  • Produced significant improvements in "curb-side appeal" with significant upgrades in landscaping, color and turf additions, and plant nutrition.
  • Received three commendations from the peer-review committee during the Institutional Self-study for Western Association of Colleges and Schools.


Professional Affiliations (Past):

Washington Association of Community College Business Officers, Western Association of College and University Business Officers, Community College Business Officers, Governmental Treasurers of Washington, Center for Professional Development, Washington Society of CPAs