Federal Resume Sample: Management Support Specialist (Navy)

Clarence C. Murdock

5712 Federal Way

Seattle, Washington


email:  ccm1903@gmail.com


Department of the Navy - Naval Reserve Force

Management Support Specialist

Job Announcement Number: EA40221-69-1100431MI8222470


A highly experienced manager and team leader with both U.S. Navy and U.S. Postal Service experiences.  As both Letter Carrier Supervisor and Union Steward, I bring over six years management experience overseeing operational administrative affairs and reviewing manpower allocations that have resulted in dramatically reduced grievance payouts ($26,000 to $3,400), increased savings by moving to paperless communications and an exceptional retention rate (75%) for New Hires.  A key player within the organization for recruiting (job fairs, in-person solicitations and job boards), recommending and guiding transfer requests, promotions, position classifications; conducting new employee orientations/onboarding, generating annual performance reviews, rectifying payroll issues, approving vacations and leaves of absence and overseeing disciplinary actions and appeals.  An excellent record of collaborating with management to ensure smooth operations, limiting safety issues, maintaining motivation and providing exemplary customer service to the general public.


Specialized Experience

Over five years of leadership experience with the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) as both a Letter Carrier Supervisor and Union Shop Steward with specific experiences analyzing human resource needs and communicating those needs to both local and regional management teams. I have In-depth experience applying both USPS personnel directives and Union mandates and developing strategies to achieve congruity between the two.  As the Union Steward, ongoing responsibility for managing discrimination issues including perceived disparity of treatment and sexual harassment.


Value Offered


            Billeting Allocations                   Policy Reviews                          Regulatory Interpretations

            Performance Reviews               Position Classifications             Grievance Management

            New Hire Orientations               Conflict Resolutions                  Management Liaison

            Leave Administration                Influencing Policy                      Presentations

            Motivation                                 Leadership                                Relationship Management

            Customer Satisfaction               Documentation                          Contract Negotiations




United States Postal Service                                                            August, 2004 to Present

Four Snoqualmie Place, Seattle, Washington                                     Salary: $XX,XXX.XX

                                                                                                            Hours Per Week: 50

                                                                                                            Supervisor:  Justin Timberlake

                                                                                                            May contact.  Yes

                                                                                                            Phone: 360-444.6796


Union Shop Steward. May, 20067 to Present.                                    Salary:  $142 Monthly

                                                                                                                Hours Per Week:   40                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

       Supervisor:  Frank Smith

                                                                                                                Contact:  Yes   

                                                                                                                Phone: 485.221.3356

Represent the needs and desires of a 60-person union team delivering up to 100,000 pieces of mail daily, and with responsibility for coordinating personnel actions between the USPS and the Union, reviewing operations and acting as liaison with both local and regional USPS and Union leadership.

Provided ongoing dialogue with senior management concerning personnel processes, contract interpretations, billeting levels and pending billeting needs based on operational reviews and volume trends.  Added flexibility for seasonal adjustments.

  • Assist with external recruitment processing including attending job fairs, participating in college placement activities, utilizing job boards and social media.
  • Represent the union needs to management during negotiations to adapt the national contract to local needs.
  • Direct the routine grievance process for administrative non-conformities including terminations, pay issues, clothing allowances and benefits.
  • Utilized collegiate training in conflict resolutions (college minor) to resolve issues between union members as well as union members and management.

 Key Achievements

  • Championed the need for an improved workplace atmosphere focusing on collaboration and consensus as opposed to a "command and control" strategy that reduced workplace grievances by 30% and reduced awards paid out from $26,000 in 2012 to $3,400 in 2013.
  • Successfully implemented weekly meetings with union members and management to air grievances and suggest resolutions prior to grievance filings.
  • Authored a "Point Paper," recommending the introduction and implementation of scanners and email communications for registered or certified mail that reduced carrier paperwork by 20%.
  • Achieved a remarkable 75% retention rate for New Hire employees completing their 90-day probationary period.
  • Successfully established a "hardship" request for an employee with family medical problems, securing a new position in the New Orleans post office.
  • Resolved a medical benefits issues for an employee with a new born child whose enrollment was defective.
  • Introduced employee satisfaction survey's to gauge overall employee motivation, uncover perceived disparities in treatment based on race or gender

Letter Carrier. August, 2004 to Month August, 2006 and January, 2011 to Present.

Deliver up to 2,500 pieces of mail, packages, and third-class fliers and mailers. Complete up to 513 stops per day over a seven square mile area. 

Key Accomplishments

  • Best Express Mail Performance in Seattle District - 2004
  • Best Delivery Confirmation Performance - 2004
  • Seattle Post Customer Council for Pride in Excellence Performance - 2004
  • First Place Unit, out of 13, in National Postal Association Level 24 Seattle, District - 2005


Letter Carrier Supervisor.  August, 2006 to Month January, 2011.

Trained a 60-person team of letter carriers and supervisors supporting over 24,000 individual homes and delivering over 100,000 pieces of mail daily. Key leader with senior union and non-union management to develop, conduct and document new policies and procedures for both hourly and salaried employees, and from new hire through senior management. Consistently examine operations to affect continuous improvement strategies, reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

  • Directed the daily implementation of training programs including New Hire Orientation, Letter Carrier Performance and Procedure standards, preliminary vehicle operation training in readiness of hands-on instruction.
  • In tandem with the Union Steward, process routine documentation concerning promotions, advising management of position requirements and needed classifications, executing annual performance reviews, leaves-of-absence/vacations and disciplinary issues.
  • Provide internal analysis of billeting needs, and assist in the recruitment process.

 Key Accomplishments

  • Lead the training program on program planning, curriculum development, learning program continuous improvement. Documentation and validation of curriculum to existing policies, procedures, and work instructions.
  • Championed the design and implementation of new training requirements, utilizing Adult Learning Theory, to address needed changes in the production process, in this case, timely mail delivery.  Analyzed workflow, and ultimately reduced late-leaving and late-arrival numbers by 45%.

 Military Service


United States Navy                                                                     October, 1992 to August, 2003

Bremerton Naval Air Station                                                         Salary: $ 39,900 (E-6 with ten years)

                                                                                                      Hours Per Week 50

                                                                                                      Supervisor:  CWO Franklin Smith 

                                                                                                      May contact. Yes

                                                                                                      Phone: None


Logistics Specialist E-6. 2000 to 2003.


Trained junior logistics specialists in provisioning software, parts identification, utilizing maintenance publications to identify parts, establishing methodology to pack out parts, equipment, and fuel for deployments.

  • Created messaging strategies to facilitate communications between the unit and senior command during deployments to the far east.
  • Recommended administrative solutions to facilitate internal processes during deployments.
  • Continually interacted with the civilian workforce to ensure that all logistics issues were resolve pending deployments.
  • Assisted civilian employees in understanding Navy regulations and applying civilian personnel techniques to Naval Operations.

 Key Accomplishments

  • Navy Achievement Medal for requisitioning over 1,100 high priority parts for H-45D and UH3H helicopters due for short notice deployment to Iraq.
  • Promoted to manage the logistics and supply chain for four separate deployments to the Pacific Rim for the Squadron, including establishing provisioning levels for the aircraft replacement parts, fuel allocations, packaging and transportation. 

 Aviation Storekeeper E-1 through E-5. 1992 to 2000.

Guided the efforts of 10 fellow storekeepers providing aviation parts supporting a 300-person maintenance crew maintaining the readiness of H-46, UH-3 helicopters as well as F-18 and F-14 jet fighters. Administered a $25-million budget, including $10-million of fuel. Oversaw all Quality Control aspects and adherence to Best Practices for both order integrity and cost containment. Consistently interacted with maintenance leaders, line chiefs, and commanders to ensure that quality standards were met. Interacted with ranks of E-5 through Captain (Colonel).


Bachelor of Science - Applied Arts and Science / Alternative Dispute Resolution.

University of Washington, 500 Lake Washington Circle,  Seattle, Washington 98206

Coursework in: (Logistics) International Technology; Overseas Manpower; Diverse Workforce; International Business Ethics and Responsibilities; (IT) Applied Technology and Training Development; Computer Education and Cognitive Systems; Learning Technologies. GPA:  3.0 Semester hours: 125. May, 2014.

Technical Capabilities

Windows, UNIX, Macintosh Operating Systems ~ MS Word PowerPoint, Excel and Access ~ NALCOMIS and SEATAK Supply Chain Management Systems ~ Unisys HAVSUB Software

Advanced Training

Leadership training E-5 and E-6

USPS Timekeeping

Mediation and Negotiation

USPS Training Coordinator for Safety


Certified Mediator and Negotiator

King County

Military Awards

 Navy/Marine Corp Achievement Medal (5 awards)

Commanding Officer Strike Fighter Squadron Two-Seven July 1996

Commanding Officer HSL-45 Aug 1998

Commanding Officer Destroyer Squadron One Dec 2000

Commanding Officer USS Bonhomie Richard (LHD-6) Apr 2002

Commanding Officer HC-11 Mar. 2003

Letter of Commendation

Commander Naval Air Forces Pacific Apr 2000


Best Practices Occupational Safety Hazards

Seattle District United States Postal Service

Oct 2008





Volunteer Service


None Current




Dean Jackson




Cindi Small




Steve Jobowski




Lester Jenkins

University of Washington