Resume Pricing


Product                                       Price                Package*          Social Media Biography

One Page Résumé                      $195                $250*                     $400

Primarily designed for entry-level candidates with two positions or less. Can apply to manufacturing positions, or candidates with long- term experiences with the same employer.


Two Page Résumé                       $350                $395*                     $545

Standard package for most managers and professionals with more than five years of work experience and / or with multiple positions with the same employer.


Three Page - Executive                $500                 $550*                      $700

For senior level executives with extensive workforce leadership and experiences, academics with publications, or those with significant civic leadership in addition to workplace contributions.


Federal  Government                    $650                 $800*                     $1,000

A Federal Resume must be written with a specific job announcement in mind.  A generic Federal product doesn't really exist.  If you try, Best Qualified will probably not be awarded.  Sorry.  Call for quotes for multiple job postings within the same genre - usually in the $250 to $350 range per document.


Social Media Bio - Alone                  $200    


Cover Letter                                     $75


Hot Follow-up                                  $100

The Hot Follow-up is written within two hours of the interview and designed to be on the hiring manager's, or interviewer's, desk the following morning. Addresses objections or other issues.


Reference Sheet                                 $25


Salary History                           Don't be stupid. Don't ever send a salary history. Period.


*Indicates cover letter is part of the package.


Interview Training


First Hour:                                       $125 DISC Administration fee may be due; the session is free.

*With either a resume package purchase, or a three hour package commitment. However, you should be prepared to purchase two DISC-based assessments at the end of the first hour to start preparation for the last three.


Each Hour Thereafter:                       $125 -- Three Hour minimum.


To start the process - call 214.750.4781 between 9 A.M. and 4 P.M. Central Time (Friday's until 3 P.M.)


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