Case Studies

Each of these entries is an actual resume, written for an actual client.  I am including a brief introduction to each file so that you will understand the strategies behind each, and get a better idea of the value I offer.



Richard Murdock spent over 30 years as a senior financial executive and manager in the Washington State educational system, including a decade as the Director of Finance and Treasury for the Evergreen Community College District.  Then, in 2011, he retired.  By 2012 he was bored.

After a brief stint helping a friend "right the ship" of a small charter school, Richard was hired to lead the foundation for a major Washington state University as the Chief Financial Officer.  Total job search time for a six-figure job -- less than three months.

Note:  the Charter School position in 2012-2013 is omitted... but referred to at the end of his last job.

Richard Murdock, Financial Executive



Donna Mae Murdock has owned a specialized jewelry manufacturing operation for the past 15 years, and has gained significant recognition for her work in 22-Karat gold -- a very, very difficult craft.

However, Donna Mae now wants to return to her pre-jewelry career as an event planner.  The problem?  It's been almost 15 years since she held a real leadership role in that industry.  You'll note that we put her jewelry position at the back, and led with relevant, but old material.  The results?  One interview within a month.

Donna Mae Murdock, Event Planner



Clarence Murdock has eleven years experience with the U.S. Postal Service in Seattle, and an additional ten years in logistics with the U.S. Navy.  He wants a Management Support specialist role as a civilian with the Navy, and this complex document came back rated as "Best Qualified."

Clarence Murdock, Management Support Specialist


College Student

Mary has an absolutely tremendous resume for a college graduate with no work experience.  An avid golfer and Junior Golf competitor, she has tournament after tournament to her credit, including a prestigious internships with the United States Student Golf Association. 

But, that's just one internship, she has a total of four outside of college-based experiences.  That's part of the key to Mary's success.  Each of the four internships is loaded with Accomplishments, Highlights and Successes she produced in each assignment and makes this an incredibly strong resume for a recent college grad.

Note the use of her University of Washington School colors, and the dynamic branding statement at the top of the document.  She had a job within a month.

College Student

Because of the novel use of formatting, (See key words in the left hand column) we made a special Applicant Tracking System friendly resume for her, and it looks like this:

College Grad Resume